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Our company has been established since 2004. Over the years, it has had several fields of activity, but has specialized in the sale of laptops, computers and components for them. After several problems faced by the company on the battery and laptop chargers, he made the decision to enter the battery / accumulator market where he aims to become one of the most important players in this field in Europe. This is how the Extra Plus Energy brand came into being. Extra Plus Energy batteries are of superior quality, certified CE, FCC, RoHS, 100% compatible with original batteries.

To make sure you purchase the original high quality Extra Plus Energy batteries, please purchase these products only from the authorized partners that you can findhere.

Every day we work to improve products, but also to offer products for all kinds of laptops.

Productie Baterii laptop
Extra Plus Energy
  • Means high quality
  • Means carefully crafted products
  • Means products at high quality standards
  • Means CE, FCC, RoHS compliant products
  • Means the right price for your desired product

In the end, Extra Plus Energy means the perfect choice for your notebook

The Extra Plus Energy brand

The Extra Plus Energy brand was created out of the desire to offer quality products at fair prices. We want to offer the opportunity to be able to work on your computer without problems, meeting high performance requirements. Through product quality, Extra Plus Energy has succeeded in gaining the trust of many customers shortly, with the brand growing rapidly. The portfolio includes products for mobile products, namely laptops, manufactured using Li-Ion battery technology. At this time we are able to offer compatible batteries to hundreds of laptop models marketed on the European market, and our desire is to be able to sell batteries for over 95% of models. That's why every month our team introduces new battery / accumulator models into our portfolio.

Fair pricing

The products marketed by us are chosen to offer the best value for money. We always work on the quality of our products, but at the same time we always make sure prices are competitive, real prices related to the quality of the products.

Professional support

Our team of specialists is always there. We have a young sales team that can help you choose the right product for you. At the same time, we have a team dedicated to our partners, which will help you increase your sales.

B2B Store

As a partner you have a modern, easily accessible platform where you can buy our products. The platform contains all the details about each product and feeds for importing Extra Plus Energy products into your online store.

Our products

Extra Plus Energy is your supplier when it comes to laptop batteries / accumulators or laptop chargers. These products are manufactured under our brand, Extra Plus Energy. Due to our seriousness and market demand, we have become the partners of other companies, and through the b2b platform we also sell to our partners and SSDs, USB memories and cables / adapters for your laptop. We are constantly expanding our offer and services to provide the IT & accessories market with greater development power. The main goal is to impose a new standard in the IT & Co equipment market, but also to provide B2B services that our customers can rely on.

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